Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Just like Meg Cabot warned of the dangers of leggings, I feel that I must warn of the dangers of comfy, cotton, casual empire-waist dresses.

Like leggings, if you wear those dresses for a long period of time, you might get a little shock when you go back to pants.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I will confess right here and now that I am a huge summer Olympics geek. I love the Olympics. All this talk of boycotting is breaking my heart. I have only one response to that kind of talk.


Scroll down.

Comic Book Guy says:
you going to watch the Olympics?

Litigious Mind says:

Litigious Mind says:
i am a huge olympics geek

Litigious Mind says:
swimming is my fave!!!

Comic Book Guy says:
I'm totally protesting

Comic Book Guy says:
and boycotting it

Comic Book Guy says:
screw you china

Litigious Mind says:
too bad.  i love them too much

Litigious Mind says:
i won't hold it against the athletes because the IOC had the bad sense to grant it to beijing

Comic Book Guy says:
How about boycotting the opening ceremonies?

Litigious Mind says:
sure, why not?

Litigious Mind says:
but i love michael phelps and aaron piersol too much to protest the whole thing

Litigious Mind says:
and grant hackett and ian thorpe.  

Litigious Mind says:
and gary hall but i think he's retired now...

Litigious Mind says:
ooh, and the super-hot guys on the South African swim team

Comic Book Guy says:
I like men's gymnastics ;)

Litigious Mind says:

Litigious Mind says:
it's a little too gay for me (no offense)

Comic Book Guy says:
oh, that's why I love it hehe

Litigious Mind says:
i don't find the guys attractive.  the swimmers are WAAAAYYYY hotter

Comic Book Guy says:
I dig that too

Litigious Mind says:
OH MY GOD, you have to watch men's water polo!!!!

Litigious Mind says:

Comic Book Guy says:
is there a link to a team page or something>

Litigious Mind says:
oh, i will find you some pics

Comic Book Guy says:
I googled them... it's... wow

Litigious Mind says:
send me the link to the pics

Litigious Mind says:
it will be your new favorite sport.  and all the rationale you need for NOT boycotting

Comic Book Guy says:
A) I don't feel comfortable making those pics big enough to send them to you! Maybe while I'm not in class

B) Sexy men is not enough to break the boycott

Litigious Mind says:
A) whatever

B) yes it definitely is

Comic Book Guy says:

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Rant

Here's a letter to all the men at my law school who have felt the need to make derogatory comments about my footwear this year:

Dear guys,

Fuck off. Didn't your mommy ever teach you that if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all? I practice that little mantra when it comes to other people's attire; I only comment to give compliments on something I like. Furthermore, what are you hoping to accomplish? Are you just trying to piss me off (it's working)? Because, really, I'm not concerned with impressing any of you ugly losers with my fashion.

So I wear comfort footwear. So what? I still have blisters on my feet from the "nice" shoes I wore in New York City over a month ago. I still have blisters on my feet from the cute heels I wore to the student bar association party two weeks ago. So if I want to wear Crocs and Chacos, I will, damn it. If you had to wear painful, uncomfortable shoes everywhere to avoid people making rude remarks and conspicuous stares, maybe you'd shut up. But men don't have to worry about that stuff, so where do you get off criticizing me? FYI, I have really wide feet and almost all "nice" shoes really, really hurt. So you're being jerks when you comment, in addition to failing at your attempts to be clever.

Do you think that it doesn't take guts to get up in front of classmates, friends, and professors and play an instrument you haven't played since ninth grade? Let me tell you, it does. I was scared shitless before I went up on that stage. So to come off afterwards and have a man tell me "that was an interesting choice in shoes" was not reassuring. Thanks a lot, asshole. Like I wasn't self-conscious enough already. Also, I wouldn't have worn the damn shoes if I'd known that I'd be on a stage three feet high! I expected my feet to be hidden from the audience, if you must know.

So maybe all of you should just keep your stupid mouths shut when I'm wearing Crocs or Chacos. I like those shoes; that's why I wear them. Back off and shut up.

Litigious Minds

Monday, April 14, 2008

Joyous Slumber

I dreamed of him again. And it was wonderful.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Good News!

I am not having a heart attack! Neither will I be the next John Ritter! Three little Tums cleared the chest pain right up!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


So, you're saying I shouldn't pin my hopes on Mike Rowe or Prince Harry, then?


More Sweet Valley High Talk...

...written by the Fug Girls!

I love, love, love that I immediately got the 1BRUCE1 reference. Some things you never forget!


Prepare to be amazed, fellow law school classmates. It has been ordered.

What has been ordered, you ask? Why, High School Musical flute sheet music, of course!!!

(Backup plan is Part of Your World!!!)

Uh Oh

I have officially committed to playing my flute.

What the hell was I thinking?

I am currently in negotiations to boost the quality of my performance exponentially by inducing an awesome clarinet-playing friend in the area to duet. Will keep you posted.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Open Question

What shall I do for the law school student organization (of which I am a member) talent show? I am officially taking suggestions.

Right now I am leaning towards a Disney soundtrack flute medley. The selections would come from The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, and Pocohontas, but I am open to suggestions. In full disclosure I also own the flute sheet music to Anastasia and The Phantom of the Opera.

I think a little "Part of Your World"/"Something New"/"A Whole New World"/"Hakuna Matata"/"Colors of the Wind" combo would be quite nice, no?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Post Secret

In case you're wondering, I did not send this in.

But I could have, because it applies to me in full force.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

More Fun With Indian Law

Litigious Mind says:
i just want to read my book about teenage vampires.  some of the characters are members of the Quileute tribe, i think that counts as Indian law

Bon Jovi says:
I think that counts too

Bon Jovi says:
anything with indians applies

Litigious Mind says:
i should ask him about jurisdiction if the indian morphs into a werewolf like the Quileute members do in my book

Litigious Mind says:
is that "indian on indian" or "werewolf on indian"?

Litigious Mind says:
(yes, i read some strange stuff, don't judge me)

Friday, April 4, 2008

My Analytical Skills At Work

Braveheart says:
do you have any classes today?

Litigious Mind says:

Braveheart says:
i just have community property

Litigious Mind says:
i'm trying to convince myself that reading my teenage vampire book that features teenage werewolves from the Quilette Indian Tribe will count as doing Indian Law

Braveheart says:
i think it's close enough

Litigious Mind says:


Okay, so it's official. Not only does Meg Cabot (1) write hilarious books that I love and (2) love cheesy romance novels from the '70s and '80s she also makes movies with dolls!

Oh my Gosh, we are soulmates, Meg and I! What? What's that you ask? Oh, you haven't seen my doll movie masterpiece yet? Well, that's too bad. Perhaps you should check this out...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Wonder

So I'm reading a book about vampires. I know, I know. Me? The person who despises nothing more than paranormal romances and who has ranted against the influx of vampire stories in the publishing world?

Nevertheless, I decided to give one particular book a try because I have heard really good things about it. It is actually a young adult book and the main character is a seventeen year old girl who falls in love with a vampire at her high school. Apparently he falls in love with her, too, even though it's super hard for him to be around her and not want to drink her blood. His restraint is kind of sweet, actually, but of course, me being me, I have only one question...

What happens with she gets her period? If it's already so hard for him to resist biting into her, wouldn't her time of the month kind of... push him over the edge? I realize that's kind of a gross thought, but come on! You can't write a book about a romance that is rooted on the guy overcoming such temptations without at least acknowledging that biology could pose a problem!