Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On A Serious Note

I don't often post serious personal stuff on my blog, and I usually keep things very anonymous, but today I feel compelled to take a break from those traditions.

I got news today that a freshman biology student from my undergraduate alma mater went missing after she failed to surface during a SCUBA dive at the school's marine station in Anacortes, Washington. I spent two summers at that marine station and those were two of the best summers of my life. Rosario Beach is a fantastic place set in one of the most beautiful areas in the country. Western Washington will always be one of my favorite places on earth because of the memories I have from those two summers at Rosario.

I am so distraught over this situation. I am not sure but I'm fairly certain that the missing student is the younger sister of the girl who was my General Biology lab partner when I was at Rosario. If she is, she is also the granddaughter of the man who pushed the school to purchase the property the station sits on, the granddaughter of the man whom the classroom laboratory building is named for.

I am also distraught over the knowledge that this wonderful place will be haunted with this tragedy for a long time to come, especially for the Booth family, a family who I'm certain always viewed Rosario as a wonderful family legacy. To think that now those memories will be replaced with the loss of their daughter, sister, and granddaughter breaks my heart. Seeing this picture on the front of the Anacortes news website, this familiar and well-loved sight from the balcony of the cafeteria, with the Navy search and rescue helicopter flying overhead brought me to tears.

That's not what Rosario is about. This is a terrible tragedy.

Monday, May 19, 2008

That's The Best Name They Could Come Up With?

The fact that Barnes and Noble online has a whole section devoted to two things I very much enjoy—romance novels and Native American history/stuff—should delight me to no end. But I find that I can't really get that excited over the name they chose for this particular subgenre:

Historical Romance - Buckskin Lovers

That's copied text, folks, a direct ctrl+C. Buckskin Lovers? Really? Good God.

Good News!

If I get straight A's this semester I could move up to summa cum laude!

Too bad the chances of that happening are about as likely as me winning the Miss America pageant.

(I know that technically an apostrophe shouldn't be used in that first sentence, but without it it looks like I'm saying "as" instead of the plural of A.)

Friday, May 16, 2008

By The Way...

Cool things have been happening while I've been in my television-less, internet-less, bed-less, futon-less apartment all week! The California Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage bans violate equal protection, Edwards endorsed Obama, and polar bears are protected!

Impermissible Age Discrimination!

I would like to send a very heartfelt thank you to a certain state park ranger and all the elderly, motor-homing inhabitants of said state park for effectively killing the fun of my friends and my graduation camping trip.

A few hours after arriving, at about six in the afternoon, when we were quietly sitting around on camp chairs talking, our group received a visit from the park ranger telling us that he had received "quite a few complaints" about us and he pointed to a lone beer bottle and told us to "put that stuff away, get it out of sight." He then proceeded to tell us that the county sheriff deputies drive by "two times a night" and will card all of us.

Nevermind that there was not one person under the age of twenty-four in our entire group. Nevermind that alcohol is permitted in the park. Nevermind that no one was drunk. Nevermind that no one was being loud. And nevermind that not a single deputy ever showed up.

What the heck is old people's problem? We weren't doing anything that could be offensive in the least, and all the other people in the park sent the ranger after us a few hours after we got there. And for that pompous ranger to assume that we're all teenagers who are sneaking away to drink, it was very insulting. I guess I can only offer a warning that if you're not at least sixty years old, you're not welcome in a certain public park in our state.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The End?

I graduated from law school on Saturday, so I can now longer call myself a law student, which is kind of sad actually. And now that I have a job that carries ethical obligations with it, I will not be blogging about that. So I suppose this is kind of the end of my legal blogging (other than the fun that will ensue with bar exam studying, I'm sure). On that note, I've decided to offer a tad bit of law school advice to the Internet world.

Pearl of Wisdom Number One
Work really hard your first year of law school. It's easier to maintain a good GPA for two more years than to try to salvage a bad one. Also, if you take it seriously from the get-go and commit yourself to it, the subsequent years become much easier. Seriously, I barely worked at all during my third year yet I think I learned the most because I knew what worked for me.

Pearl of Wisdom Number Two
Avoid the toxic people. Law school is full of them, and I think it can be pretty easy to get sucked into their pessimistic, petty group if you're not careful. And then when you are friends with lots of pleasant normal people you can look at your toxic classmates with something akin to pity because it's clear that they will spend their entire lives thinking that the world revolves around them when really no one cares to be around such negativity.

Pearl of Wisdom Number Three
The best thing you can do for your grades in law school is be a good writer when it comes to final exams. A student who is a good writer can pull out a full letter grade (if not more) ahead of another student who has worked ten times as hard during the semester.

That's all I've got for now.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Finals Week(s) Recap

Good Idea:
Making an outline of all the Workplace Law prima facia cases

Bad Idea:
Going to bar night before Workplace Law final and consuming one New York Seltzer, one Nervous Breakdown, and one Malibu Sunset.

Good Idea:
Spending twenty minutes proofreading Creditor's Rights final before submitting it because you finished so early you were afraid to be one of the first to leave.

Bad Idea:
Hearing other classmates say that there was no way one could have time to discuss every issue presented by the Creditor's Rights final.

Good Idea:
Spending two whole days outlining and organizing notes for the Indian Law take home final.

Bad Idea:
Buying two new romance novels two days before the Remedies final and spending all day reading one of them.

Good Idea:
Watching Hunter reruns every night with dreamy Fred Dryer circa 1987.

Bad Idea:
Using Google to see how that bastard Time has aged dreamy Fred Dryer to 2008 standards.