Monday, November 24, 2008

Amused and Annoyed

I am both amused, and annoyed, by all the harsh critcism of the Twilight books (and movie). My amusement comes from the readers of a certain romance novel blog I read, because I have seen some books reviewed on there that look and sound f'ing insane. And all the talk about how bad they are? HELLO? The vast majority of romance novels are just as bad if not worse!

I personally take great enjoyment from the utter ridiculousness of the books, so I don't understand all the serious criticism. I have read J. R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood vampire series, and there is some fucked up shit in those books. Trust me, that woman is disturbed. But those books are insanely popular in the romance genre. What makes that nastiness okay but Twilight's wholesome silliness so destestible? For me, the cheesier the better. (As evidenced by my turning to my friend in the theater after seeing a trailer for "Fired Up" and saying "I am so going to see that.")

And I'm annoyed by all the criticism because all these people are looking down on us Twilight fans, as if we're lame losers or something. I suggest they all lighten up. If Twilight wasn't your thing, that's fine. But some of us like a story about cute teenage vampires that romp around the rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula. And you know what? That's okay. (Also, these people who don't understand the "phenomena" need to remember that the fan base is primarily pre-teen and teenage girls---and those of adults with a Peter Pan complex.)

I also maintain that this is not at all like my criticism of Carrie Underwood fans. My biggest beef with her is her undeserved awards. Twilight detracters can start squawking in earnest if Twilight starts winning literature awards, but I don't think that's likely to occur anytime soon.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Acting Is For Professionals

Oh good god. Would someone please, PLEASE inform a certain local credit union that just because your employees are thin and cute doesn't mean they will be good in a commercial. I don't even hear anything they say when the ad comes on. All I can do is look at their vacant, teleprompter-reading stares and hear their monotone voices. THEY ARE TERRIBLE! Platinum blonde hair and lots of makeup does not an actress make! Hire someone who can sound more human than robot!

I am so disgusted by this commercial. It had to have been cast by a man. There's no other alternative. Only a man would think that attractiveness is more important than sounding like a person. They must also have been trying to save money by hiring employees instead of actors, because I've seen plenty of local commercials that feature atteactive, natural-sounding women that don't have zombie eyes.

Way To Go, PEOPLE!

As you may know, PEOPLE magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" issue is out. And they showed excellent, excellent taste this year!

First, the main prize went to Hugh Jackman who I love. And second, the list included almost every celebrity man I "admire" (Code for "wanna get busy with.") Among the featured were:
--Daniel Craig (duh)
--Jon Hamm
--Mike Rowe (yes!)
--Prince Harry
--Zac Efron (shut up--he's cute)
--Ed Westwick (I love Chuck Bass)
--Robert Buckley (the cute guy from "Lipstick Jungle")

I am so happy to see that PEOPLE is broadening it's horizons. I'm so sick of George Clooney and Brad Pitt. I am over Brad Pitt! Mike Rowe is where it's at!

Now, there were some ridiculous omissions. Hello? Where was the dreamy John Legend? And the very cute Jason O'Mara? WTF?

(UPDATE: Jason O'Mara is featured in "Sexy At Any Age" for 36. Man, were they ever right on the money this year!)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bad Grammar Makes Me [sic]

Holy hell, I apologize for all the atrocious errors in my last post. But please understand that blogging from an iPhone makes things difficult.

That is still no excuse for using "there" instead of "their," but still. Tapping with one finger on a tiny screen isn't easy.

Monday, November 17, 2008


There was an interesting post today on Feministing. Not so much because of the post itself, but rather for the comments.

There's so much controversy about motherhood, apparently. There's a part of me that agrees with the posters who defended the advertisements, but if they are anything like me they need to be more honest about there true feelings.

I make fun if the helicoptor-type moms for one reason. Often unwittingly they make those of us without children feel that we are viewed as inadequate. And personally I get tired of their equating their doing what every mammal on earth can do with my B.S. in Biochemistry and my J.D. Sure, motherhood is hard work, but so is law achiol, and that should count for something.

So it makes me feel better to assume that there is psychologically wrong with these mothers. And like the blog commenters, I like to think that they have empty, unsatisfying lives---because that would prove them wrong.

So we can try to justify our views all we want, but I think deep down it's just a matter of letting other people's life choices piss us off. That's our real issue. I think those posters should admit it to themselves. If we're right, then what should we care? Even if they are pathetic women whose lives revolve around their child, that's not something we should be satisfied about. And if we're wrong---who cares? I still don't want a baby (now) and they won't know the perks if a law career.

Oops, here's the link. Moms Take Down Motrin.

Friday, November 14, 2008

More Country Music Stuff

So Carrie Underwood won Best Female Artist AGAIN. I have just one thing to say:

Even a shard of glass looks like a diamond when it's sitting on a pile of shit.

Puppy Love

So, I read something on today that I thought was pretty funny. Apparently 18 year-old country singer Taylor Swigt has been speaking out about her ex-boyfriend, teen heartthrob Joe Jonas, writing songs about him, etc. I guess she went on "Ellen" and told the whole world that he broke up with her in a 27-second phone call.

Well, according to, Joe is striking back and clearing things up. He says that the phone call lasted 27 seconds only because SHE hung up on him when it became clear where he was going with the conversation.

I guess I find this so amusing because Taylor is doing exactly what I woild have done when I was young and stupid. And also because, if you haven't noticed, EVERY one of her songs is about boys, love, etc. Knowing that she is just some kid who does silly kid stuff when her boyfriend breaks up with her makes it hard for me to take her music seriously. She's singing about teenage love. And as most of us have learned, puppy love is not as big of a deal as we thought it was at the time. Maybe someday Taylor will figure that out and sing about something I will care about.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Check This Out

Keith Olbermann has a cool special comment on Prop 8's passage. Check it out.

I Think I Might Have Been Right...

I'm watching Matt Lauer's interview with Sarah Palin right now and I can't help but think that my gut feeling was right.

Because she was the first female on the Republican ticket, I always wanted to think she was not as incompetent as she sometimes seemed during her interviews. Don't get me wrong--I had no love for her policies and beliefs, but I took no joy in the way she was ridiculed because I didn't think it was nessesary or flattering to women. And I maintained that it had to be the pressure the McCain campaign was putting on her.

Matt just asked Gov. Palin if the campaign kept her from doing more interviews than she would have liked to. She pretty much said yes. And she seems much more comfortable in an interview now that the campaign is over.

I'm not saying that she was a victim of the big bad man, McCain. Obviously she should be able to take care of herself. But despite my dislike of her policies, I can't help but get pissed when I think about the campaign mishandled her. First they pick someone who clearly hasn't been vetted because they want to capitalize on her gender. It apparently didn't matter to them at that time that she wasn't ready to be president. Then they try to turn her into a robot, which only makes her flubs seem even worse. And they keep her from doing interviews because they don't want the world to find out that they made a mistake in picking her, which makes the few interviews she did do seem more awkward. And when she clearly gets tired of being treated like a robot, they tell the media she's a "diva" or "going rogue." And now that they lost the campaign they're talking shit about her and trying to pass the blame.

I said this two weeks ago and I'll say it again. I have no problem with Palin going out and hanging herself with her own rope. I may not like to see an unqualified woman take center stage, but that's equal treatment. What I DON'T like is some man putting her out there and then hanging her when she doesn't turn out to be just what he wanted.

THAT was the real Palin problem the campaign had, and they've got no one to blame but themselves.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Message to President-Elect and Mrs. Obama

Hey there. There's just something I have to say.

I read recently in US Weekly that Barack and Malia were going to start reading the Twilight books together. While I think that it is really cool how they have those reading experiences to share, in no way do I think those books are appropriate for a ten year old! They are essentially romance novels, and by the end of the series things get sexual. Ten is too young, I think, to be reading about a girl whose entire life centers around her boyfriend.

So I just wanted to let you guys know, in case the story was true and in case you weren't aware of what those books were really about. "Young Adult"; is really starting to mean it's for young ADULTS.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Now I'm testing to see if I can post pictures on my blog from my iPhone. Does my picture show up?


Well, as you can see from my last post, this whole posting-through-email thing doesn't accept HTML.

Ah, Technology

So, I just found out that I can post to my blog through email, which is pretty cool. At least it's cool since I can do it through my iPhone. Yay!

I had something to blog about when I started this post, but now I can't remember what it is...

Oh yeah! John Legend! I got his new album <i>Evolver</i> and it's awesome! As I like to say, his music has me "twitterpated." My favorite songs are <i>Floating Away</i>, <i>Cross the Line</i>, and <i>This Time</i>. Check it out!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

What A Bore

So, I fear that I'm one of those people that has nothing to talk about now that the election is over. After a whole summer of watching Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow--not to mention living with my election-obsessed family--I suddenly feel like I have nothing to talk about to people.

It certainly doesn't help that I've spent the last three years in law school. And I am one of those strange people who LOVED law school. I love the academic side of the law. But that doesn't make for exciting conversation. How many people want to hear about how worked up I get over Fourth Amendment jurisprudence? Or how I want to write an article highlighting the double standard the courts employ on the issue of reasonableness.

It's not like my other interests are any better. Quantum theory and Niels Bohr gets me excited, but that would probably just freak the average person out. And I'm pretty sure I HAVE freaked people out with my long-winded stories about Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome and male psuedohermaphrodism.

My more mainstream interests don't help much either. I hate America's sweetheart, Carrie Underwood, and my love of all things High School Musical and Twilight is more than a little creepy at my age.

So can you really blame me for wishing I had the election to talk about again? I didn't think so.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dude People, Obama's Not A Socialist

My happiness over the election results is just now starting to set in (now that I'm sober, I suspect). I can't help but marvel how this feels. I've been stuck with a bafoon for President all of my adult life until now.

What amuses me are the Facebook reactions from Republicans I know. The comments range from " disappointed in people" to "moving to a non-socialist country where people actually have to work for a living."

Really people? You're just now unsatisfied with the country's presidential choice? Some things will never cease to amaze me. George W. Bush was a disaster, and John McCain intentionally aligned himself with him, to the detriment of the country, in order to win an election. But that is neither here nor there anymore! Whoo hoo!

Another point of bewilderment comes from the fact that that last Facebook comment came from my former religion teacher. Last I checked, Jesus wasn't too big on wealth. Eye of a needle and all that. For the life of me I will never understand why lifelong Christians who proclaim to follow the teachings of Christ are so vehemently opposed to helping out their neighbors in tough times. Maybe someone should remind my former teacher that what we do to the least of men we do to Christ. (Also, since when has the distribution of wealth in this country gone to those who work hardest?)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


"[B]oth the weapons pat-down and the investigatory stop were lawful. Therefore Torres did not have the right to resist arrest. Because he did resist, Defendants had probable cause to arrest him."

Does that sound a little iffy to anyone else? A tad circular, perhaps?