Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Things that unreasonably fill me with rage:

1. The extensive use of Mumford and Sons songs on yesterday's series premiere of Lonestar. The show is called Lonestar. It's set in Texas. The copious use of a British, old-timey sounding folk band is just dumb. One song I can handle, but multiple ones? Nope. RAGE.

2. Singers who insert their own names into songs on their debut album. Dude, why don't you build a reputation before you start singing about how cool you are? I'm looking at you Jason Derulo. RAGE.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Better in the Original

So, if I haven't been publishing on ere much lately, it's probably because I'm hopelessly addicted to watching "McLeod's Daughters" on Netflix Watch It Now. "McLeod's Daughters" is an Australian show that is essentially a soap opera, and although it gets very cheesy and melodramatic at times, I CANNOT LOOK AWAY.

Anyway, the point of this post is to talk about Matt Passmore, a hunky Australian actor on the show. He is, as I've said, hunky. With a delightful Aussie accent. A little bit of imdb-ing told me that he is now in the States, starring on an A&E show called "The Glades." So naturally I decided to check it out online.

And I was quite disappointed to discover that his American accent, while very good and convincing, substantially diminishes his hunkiness. I don't like it, don't like his American voice. That's the first time I've noticed that. There are plenty of actors who fake American accents on a regular basis, like Hugh Laurie and Simon Baker, and I've never thought that about them before. But maybe the difference is that I knew them with their fake accents FIRST. I wonder what Brits and Aussies think about their accents.