Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sewing Projects

I finished the curtains!

Not great, but not too terrible, either. I wish I had made the kitchen curtains wider so that they would bunch a bit. I made sure to fix that with the laundry center curtains.

Once I mastered (hah!) the art of simple hemming, I got brave and decided to try a project from a book I bought. It's a travel jewelry roll.

Isn't the fabric cute? I used the wrong interface, so it's not as flexible as it should be, but it's not a big deal. The most difficult part of the entire project was just trying to figure out how to put the zipper foot on the sewing machine. It took me about forty-five minutes! I only figured it out after resorting to Google Images. Obviously sewing is not intuitive for me.

Other sewing discoveries: the ladies at JoAnn Fabrics are way nicer than the ladies at Hancock Fabrics.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hello friends! Long time, no see. I haven't felt much like blogging lately, mostly because I don't have anything interesting to say. But it's a new year now, so I will resolve to blog more.

I've made a few other resolutions, too. Mainly just to get some hobbies, because I'm pretty boring. I told my mom that I wanted to learn how to sew, so she and my sister gave me some birthday money to put towards a sewing machine. I bought the Singer Simple 2263.

It is pretty simple, but the price was right ($89.00 at WalMart) and it's basic enough that I feel like I am learning the basics without getting lost in the technology. (The computerized sewing machines scare me.) Besides, if this hobby fizzles out, I prefer to have sunk as little money into it as possible.

My first project was a hobo bag. I also got this at WalMart. It came in a kit with all the materials, so all I had to do was cut and sew. Needless to say... I won't be on Project Runway anytime soon:

BUT, it was great practice, and now that I know how to use the machine I feel comfortable venturing out into my own projects/designs. Next up are curtains for my kitchen window and laundry center. I used to have wood doors that covered the laundry center, but these new-fangled machines are so big that we had to take the doors off just to get them to fit inside. So as much as I love having all my storage displayed for everyone to see, I'm going to try to make some curtains just to go on a tension rod. I think I should be able to handle this. But we shall see.