Sunday, May 13, 2012

Why Did I Start Listening To Country Again?

I took a road trip this weekend and listen to a fair amount of country music along the way. I heard two songs that really irked me. I guess I should know that country music is not the place to find enlightened opinions on historical and social issues, but nonetheless, it's still somewhat surprising to hear such backwards views shamelessly proclaimed in public. For example, Josh Turner has a song where he talks about how attracted he is to his wife/girlfriend/mistress/stalking victim. The repeated verse throughout the song is "I wouldn't be a man if I didn't feel like this." WTF. Manhood is not determined by whether or not you want to pork a particular woman. And what about gay men? Are they not men because they don't want to have sex with women? So annoying.  The other annoying song is Jason Aldean's "Flyover States." As a general rule I hate Jason Aldean and his ugly, ugly face. So my dislike of this song is no surprise. The basic premise of it is that he's on an airplane going from coast-to-coast, and he overhears some big city guys wondering why anyone would want to live in the states they're flying over. The song is some lame defense of those states, mostly farming, in a manner custom-made to appeal to rednecks. What really kills me though is the end of the chorus, something along the lines of "That's why God made those flyover states." Yes. Yes, exactly. God made Oklahoma, Kansas, etc, so white people could farm it. Getting rid of the buffalos and the Indians was alllll part of God's plan, as are complex irrigation systems to enable that land to be farmed. Sure. Sure.