Saturday, September 8, 2012

More Thoughts

I don't blog much anymore.

It's not that I don't think of things to blog about, it's that there is usually something that stops me before I type out the words. The great thing about blogging is that it's such a tangible and easy way to get your thoughts out there to the world. The bad thing about blogging, for me anyway, is that putting my thoughts out there only seems to do more damage than good. I'm always offending people or leaving people with the impression that I am a bitter and angry woman, especially when I talk about marriage or motherhood.

I had a whole blog thought out last night about why I hate it when mothers say they've been dreaming about their daughter's wedding since the day of her birth. But then I could hear my parents in my head telling me, "You've got issues, you're so angry," and I thought, why bother? There's no way for me to explain myself without just sharing way too much. Without making myself vulnerable in a way that I just can't do anymore. There's nothing worse than making yourself vulnerable to people who just don't care. I've learned that lesson the hard way.

I feel like this sums up my blogging experience, and my social media experience to some extent. I just feel like it's not worth it anymore. I'm not going to change anyone's mind. I'm not even going to challenge them to think about things in a different way. I'm just going to make everyone think I'm angry and bitter. And I just don't have the energy to correct them anymore.