Saturday, December 15, 2012

Guns Guns Guns

I was angry for much of yesterday and I woke up angry today. I'm angry that I'm supposed to sit back and watch mass shooting after mass shooting and not even so much as QUESTION the gun culture in this country. Just ask questions and you're labeled "anti-gun." And don't you fucking dare tell me how I should react to this. Congratulations that you can see mall shoppers terrorized and twenty children executed in the span of a week and respond "calmly." I cannot. I'm not saying we should change our gun laws, but if we cannot even tolerate discussion on the topic, then that speaks volumes about the gun culture in this country. THIS is what makes me angry. The bullheaded refusal to just question how our behavior contributes to a culture that has resulted in mass shootings being a routine part of life. If you are worried about subjecting your beliefs to a little critical thinking, that should bother you.

I'm also angry that violence against women gets brushed aside or blamed on the woman, while meanwhile middle-class white guys are so worried about violence against them that they insist on being armed at all times. And don't give me the line that more guns for women are the answer. They're not. If the answer is that everyone in our culture has to become adroit with a handgun in order to feel safe, ever, then I am done. I'd rather spend my free time cuddling with my puppy than practicing at the gun range. Is that the kind of world you want your kids growing up in? Seriously, if that's your answer to gun crime, take a minute and think that over. How do you not see how that is just further contributing to our already problematic gun culture?

And I'm angry over people insisting that this was the result of "one sick guy" when this country won't tolerate a public health care system that would provide help to people like this. Any efforts to ensure that people will get the care they need is labeled "socialism." We try to pass some health insurance reform in this country and you're hoping and praying it'll get repealed. Well what the hell are we supposed to do, then? You want to blame the shooter, but you don't want access restrictions and you don't want to provide mentally ill with affordable treatment. So we end up doing nothing, again and again. And so many of you ARE PERFECTLY CONTENT WITH THAT. This is why I'm angry. 

*This was posted on Facebook as my grand "adieu" so that explains all the "you"s I use in the post. I'm most likely not talking about my blog readers.